“Dear Julia”

“He stood there every cold evening, waiting to be looked upon by the eyes who looked for him. He gazed at the foggy window panes hoping to catch a glimpse of that shadow. The world just went past him, speeding away from the snow.. He just stood there, waiting for spring to come back again. He dawned upon the falling white finding its way through the crowded streets, he sat their trying to remember the winter of his younger days. That name echoing his mind. Peeking through the nostalgia he closed his eyes all through the cold winter evening basking under the warmth of his memories. The wrinkles suddenly danced all over that tired face as he smiled at all the memories that had come to greet him.


“Dear Julia,”

I wish I could really have the words to do justice to my abstracts. I feel meek. It’s quite cold here in Berlin, but my fellow soldiers say it’s gonna be alright in a while. I wake up to a shimmering bright sunny light but by the time evening comes, my feet are already cold. This war is brutal, now I know how does it feel to have a the comfort and joy to be around your loved ones. I wish I could change it all.

I heard George saying the other day that we might be going home by spring. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I though of writing to you before but then I really had no idea where to send it. I keep a picture of you always with me even when I go to the frontline, maybe that’s has saved me till now. I hope you are all good & spending your time well. I miss you here , I can’t tell you how much it means for me to meet u this spring. Spring is our month and how can I forget those lilies that you love to hold so close. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t write everyday. It gets rough here sometimes.

RIP Love,


101 Airbourne 


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