Dear Erika…

He crossed countless faces bidding goodbye to their loved ones, as he saw the worst goodbyes & awestruck reunions, he wandered trying to find a fimiliar face. As Strange it may sound but he just knew that the travel is going to be long , the burden of memories pulled him meek, with faded voices echoing his mind he knew this time going home is hard. He just knew the city wouldn’t look the same from that plane.

Dear Erika,

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health and joy. I must confess before thinking of writing this letter to you I had no words to describe you how I feel. It’s 1:40 pm here & I am at the airport trying to catch a flight home. How are things with you? I hope your work is on point & you are finally loving what you’re doing?

It’s quite strange actually, i see countless faces around me & as I was coming in I saw a group of people waiving their hand to a friend, the emotions which gripped their faces were just way too hard to miss out. I also met a father bidding goodbye to his son who was travelling seas away. He just couldn’t hide those frowned lips while he saw him slowly walk away. This place is literally full of heartbreaks, joyful serenity, silent wishes.

I couldn’t hide myself from thinking of the fond memories I have basked under. I literally felt my life going through a playback strip with countless aspects of life just crossing my mind. I hope you remember the places we had been. Try’n go there it would mean a lot to me. 

It’s too cloudy outside but I hope it doesn’t rain, I feel tired I just want to get to home now. I guess sometimes it’s better to just move out n let the world decide how they want to remember you. 

I hope you wouldn’t think anything wrong of me if I tend not to write to anyone, my mom really gets worried when I fall back in the storms of memories. I hope it doesn’t go uphill from here, I am literally tired walking. 




United Kingdom



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