Dear Ellie….

“The wind seemed to arrogantly hit the shivering walls of his shelter under the never ending skies. He sat there with a cup of hot coffee in his hand wrapped under the thick layer of gloves, trying to hold that pen firm enough to pen down the betraying emotions. As he heard the wind bashing to scare, he crept silently under the warmth of calm nostalgia. 
Dear Ellie,

I did it Ellie, I conquered Everest!!

I am writing to you from a camp at 17,598 ft above sea level on the southern side of the Everest. 

Honestly speaking I never thought I’ll find a peacefully noisy corner in this part of the world to in write to you. It’s been ninety one days since I have been away. I keep counting the days as the thought of being away has started to sink in. I hope you are good & still believe that my passion of climbing peaks is what defines me well. 

I can’t put the feeling in words when I saw the world right beneath me & yet that overpowering urge to get back to that world that seemed so chaotic a while back. I realized that sometimes chaos is all that keeps the life worth living. As I saw the sun going down from the highest place in the world, all I could think of, was you. I couldn’t help myself from remembering your pale face as I drove past the dusty road of the ranch. 

Ellie, you were right. I spent my whole life trying to find my way up through the steep unforgiving terrain of a lonely mountain while I kept overlooking every glance of peace from the eyes of the people who meant so much calm to me.

Ellie now I know, “peace is where love is”.

With every step up that gripping Ice, I felt cold & lonely. I felt tired. Every time I Inched a step up I fought with myself to take many steps back. However, probably it was the promises that I had made to myself which made me kept gong. However, this deafening silence which hollows you from within made me wonder how would you have felt in all these years, being around a person who tried to find companionship in the loneliness when the joy of being together was so much peaceful. I can’t wait to get back & walk that aisle putting on my best suit & from there after live my every moment of joy & life with you. Thank you for holding onto me when I couldn’t see the world clearly under the veil of my passion. Thank you for being a thrusting force to push me out of ignorant state of dilemma.

Usually it’s shivering cold here, but last evening as the rays of Crimson sun fell on this majestic mountain, I so wished you could be here. I tried my best capturing it in my Polaroid but Sherpa says by the time I get back home the reel might be exposed. Let’s hope it doesn’t. 

Brijesh (My Sherpa) keeps on telling me tales of the mountain, he says that the mountain is sacred & it’s the mountain which decides the passage for people.  I don’t really believe in it but I can’t even deny it completely.

I am expecting to get back to Texas by 30th July. I have so much to tell you, try to get a couple of days off from work. I guess finally I believe what someone once said,

“Happiness is real , when shared…..

With love ,


Base Camp,

Mount Everest,


29th June 2017


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