Dear Andrew….

“They stood up from the noisy chair which eased their tormented minds in times of loneliness & hugged him close near the rusty gate of the front lawn, just to embrace the the warmth of their parting son. They searched for each other with cold shivering hands to find strength as they heard the dying footsteps slowly fading away. For the first time in their lives they felt the helplessness. It was the first time they felt the pain of being blind”
Dear Andrew,

We hope that you must have reached safely. Your Aunt Suz had dropped early this morning. She said that the train stations were jam packed this holiday season. We felt a bit worried. 

David took me to town today, your mum wanted to make some cheese cake this thanksgiving. I tried looking for a turkey , but I guess these days turkeys are born with diamond legs, so we bargained for a loaf. 

Son, it was really hard for me to say goodbye to you. I sat on that porch all day long trying to hear the sound of your ford, but I guess I was being too kiddish. Your mum was singing all day as if she was so happy today, but my son I realized all the songs she was humming were your favourites. She misses you a lot!

Every night we hold our hands & pray for your wellbeing as we sit for dinner, but sometimes I just become a little selfish & pray for your mum as well. She has never asked for anything except your well being. I sometimes feel her tears in the silence of setting evening & I always try to reach for her eyes to wipe them off. Indeed she is clever & knows how to wipe them before I reach there. 

My son, sometimes I want to take a walk through our garden & smell the roses that bloom every spring, I wish to walk through the fields of barley & run my fingers on the buds , sometimes I feel like sitting on the quiet porch & ask you was I a good father? But every time I feel like doing any of this, my stick reminds me that I have darkness in my eyes & noone to guide me back home. 

Be happy my son , with every passing day we pray for your well being. Give you children everything that I couldn’t give you & play with them. Tell them stories, hold them close, feed them properly & love them enough. Tell them who I was & who your mum was, I wish they remember us sometimes & I wish we could see them ever. 

I wish we wouldn’t have lost our eyes in that fatal accident. We regret not to be able to see how our boy looks now. I have imagined you in shadows, but I hope you shall always remember our wrinkled faces. You maybe away from us but we think of you all day long. I hope you also think of us sometimes.  Time just flies away, I sit remember you pushing off on that bicycle which I got you on your seventh birthday. The childhood birthday stuffed bears still smell of you, your orange baseball cap still lightens my eyes. Uncle Sam asks for you when he drops by with his ice cream cart, the truffles still tastes the same. 

I apologise that this time we couldn’t show you around the town. I guess I have forgotten the roads somehow but I hope to see you soon. 

We take good care of ourselves so don’t worry about us. But still try to write us back, we wait for your letters every Monday as David comes this way just on Mondays . He is a good lad he reads your letters for us. I always wanted to do so much more for you my son & we try our best  but unfortunately we are old & blind, so I hope you shall never hold a grudge against us.

Lots of love,

Roger Mathew

15/F Oakwood hills,



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