The Girl Who Seemed Lost

“As she stared at the mirror at the darkest corner of her room, she never could stop noticing the frayed emptiness within her pale eyes. Indeed her room smelled of his cologne, she wears it every day over her soul; Dancing on a tune which takes her to a memory lane a million skies away. Drowned under a thought of being what she was, she kept on thinking about what she could have been. The classics on her music player kept repeating themselves to the empty house of noises.

As she painted a million thoughts in the smoke that grew stronger within her chest, she kept on snubbing the ash over the words which were written all over the book she held. The television never seemed to go off & her dog never seemed to leave her sight. While she basked under the chants of friendship, she still held her teddy closer to chase away her nights. Deafened by the silence of mom, echoed the laughs of her dad, She hugs herself crawling under the linen of her loneliness to sleep within a glittering room of million lights.

While she burns up her canvas with colors, often does she dusts off her brush back to grey. With every masterpiece crept silently by the side of her bed, never does she forget to hide those pile of pages which define her. Carefully creased somewhere under the weight of a thousand books, away from the light of that handmade lamp that stands on the edge of her room.  While she loves to flicker them every day, never has she found a perfect ending to her sober story. Tripping off her heels, she holds her glass close enough, quite a hate for brittle things, indeed she mends everything except her heart.

As she stares at the mirror every morning to wear her smile on that face, she forgets that mirror still lies in the darkest corner of the room.

Yes! Indeed she grew up to be a woman just so fine, but somewhere within the loneliest corner of her closet lays aloof a childhood yet so quiet.


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