Dear Erika…

He crossed countless faces bidding goodbye to their loved ones, as he saw the worst goodbyes & awestruck reunions, he wandered trying to find a fimiliar face. As Strange it may sound but he just knew that the travel is going to be long , the burden of memories pulled him meek, with faded voices echoing his mind he knew this time going home is hard. He just knew the city wouldn’t look the same from that plane.

Dear Erika,

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health and joy. I must confess before thinking of writing this letter to you I had no words to describe you how I feel. It’s 1:40 pm here & I am at the airport trying to catch a flight home. How are things with you? I hope your work is on point & you are finally loving what you’re doing?

It’s quite strange actually, i see countless faces around me & as I was coming in I saw a group of people waiving their hand to a friend, the emotions which gripped their faces were just way too hard to miss out. I also met a father bidding goodbye to his son who was travelling seas away. He just couldn’t hide those frowned lips while he saw him slowly walk away. This place is literally full of heartbreaks, joyful serenity, silent wishes.

I couldn’t hide myself from thinking of the fond memories I have basked under. I literally felt my life going through a playback strip with countless aspects of life just crossing my mind. I hope you remember the places we had been. Try’n go there it would mean a lot to me. 

It’s too cloudy outside but I hope it doesn’t rain, I feel tired I just want to get to home now. I guess sometimes it’s better to just move out n let the world decide how they want to remember you. 

I hope you wouldn’t think anything wrong of me if I tend not to write to anyone, my mom really gets worried when I fall back in the storms of memories. I hope it doesn’t go uphill from here, I am literally tired walking. 




United Kingdom



Dear She…

He scrolled down the texts on his phone to find that one text which soothes his heart. “I wish I could tell you what I feel”, a silent smile conquered his face as he lay on a messy bedsheets reading that line with countless emotions seeping within his heart. He closed his eyes & that heart within the gates of those engrossed feelings from the practicality  which tried to find its space through the crowded thoughts in his mind.


Dear She,

As I stand here near the half faded fence of this terrace, all I can think of is you. I wish I could show you through my eyes how beautiful does the moon look tonight. Though I find no breeze around but does that really matter?

I went through our conversations tonight & I felt so much than just an emotion in my heart. I felt even after saying so much all the time, we end up still being left with with so much more to say.  Well yeah! You were right sometimes we don’t need to have definitions for everything in life, but sometimes I always feel you shall always be that story of my life which I can’t ever complete.

Anyways, You know I finally try to sleep early these days. Somehow I feel calm n even try to sleep with my mouth closed these days. Some days  I ain’t able to reach out to you every once in a while, but I think of you all the time. “She” even my pjs are getting better I guess I am finally Cracking the right jokes. Don’t you dare laugh on it, I actually am!

We all have that one person to whom you feel like saying so much but end up saying nothing at all. Guess my words betray me sometimes when it matters the most, but I am working on it. Just be patient with me if you can. Be there to hear me when I stammer because I know I definetely would stammer someday. Just hear the thoughts as I may not be there always to tell you what you want to hear. Just be patient with me unfortunately I am just a human with thousand imperfections.


A friend in love.

New Delhi,


Dear Maa”

He reluctantly gazed upon every stone which read the name of the family standing brightly outside every house he walked past. All the way up to the claustrophobic packed tiled lanes of the unknown walled city. A worry never left his brow, even after knowing the way back to his home, why does he still feel lost?


Dear Maa…

I hope you are well & taking good care of yourself. How’s everyone back home? I hope dad is doing fine & still enjoys his morning walks & comes home to tell you that world has changed so much around. How’s aunty? Still cribs over her daughter in law?

Last evening I thought of you, Maa it made me feel worried. I am sorry Maa I had to leave you alone, but what to do these days they say everything in life comes with a price tag. So just trying to buy a few smiles for you. Last evening I was wondering is there anyone who gives a patient ear to your innocent stories these days? Or have you stopped reciting them? I wonder who sits on the slab of that kitchen while you cook for us. Does the joint pain still bother you Maa? I have a big place here, sometimes it gets quiet, but I watch our last trip together & it all gets fine. I still laugh when I see dad spending the whole day trying to catch one single fish. You remember that Maa? What a day it was.

I miss you here, the peace of resting my head in your lap seems like a distant dream. Maa I feel cold sometimes & the sweater you weaved for me gives me so much comfort. Though I still feel pink Color isn’t for men, but it’s better than anything out there. I have to tell you this, I guess I finally found someone. I’ll tell you about it when I’ll be home. Though she isn’t as pretty as you are but would work. Don’t tell dad about it, he will start asking about the whole dynasty of the girl & you know I am bad at that. 

I must tell you I have learnt so much already now I can even make breakfast for myself. Though the eggs burn everyday but I try my best. I get food from from restaurants everyday but the taste of your parathas still relishes on my tongue. How do you do so much for us Maa? How? How do you end up being a super woman always ? Huh? I still don’t know which is you favourite cuisine, I guess I was so stupidly engrossed in life that I never even asked you which is your favourite colour? I am sorry Maa for being such a selfish kid. 

You’re the best Maa & you deserve all the amazing things Maa not the worry of shedding kilos because you just don’t know how pretty my mom is, I love you maa , take care of yourself and take your medicines on time, I know you forget them always.

With love,

Mujeeb Shah

New Delhi, India



“Dear Julia”

“He stood there every cold evening, waiting to be looked upon by the eyes who looked for him. He gazed at the foggy window panes hoping to catch a glimpse of that shadow. The world just went past him, speeding away from the snow.. He just stood there, waiting for spring to come back again. He dawned upon the falling white finding its way through the crowded streets, he sat their trying to remember the winter of his younger days. That name echoing his mind. Peeking through the nostalgia he closed his eyes all through the cold winter evening basking under the warmth of his memories. The wrinkles suddenly danced all over that tired face as he smiled at all the memories that had come to greet him.


“Dear Julia,”

I wish I could really have the words to do justice to my abstracts. I feel meek. It’s quite cold here in Berlin, but my fellow soldiers say it’s gonna be alright in a while. I wake up to a shimmering bright sunny light but by the time evening comes, my feet are already cold. This war is brutal, now I know how does it feel to have a the comfort and joy to be around your loved ones. I wish I could change it all.

I heard George saying the other day that we might be going home by spring. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I though of writing to you before but then I really had no idea where to send it. I keep a picture of you always with me even when I go to the frontline, maybe that’s has saved me till now. I hope you are all good & spending your time well. I miss you here , I can’t tell you how much it means for me to meet u this spring. Spring is our month and how can I forget those lilies that you love to hold so close. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t write everyday. It gets rough here sometimes.

RIP Love,


101 Airbourne